High Quality Skull Model Didactic Colored 22 Part Adult Humans Skull

Model NO.: ZL-HS1385102-1
Trademark: ZHONGLI
Specification: life size
Origin: China
HS Code: 90230000
High Quality Skull Model Didactic Colored 22 part Adult Humans Skull

This human skull model is a great tool for teaching and learning the complex anatomy of the human skull. The human skull consists of many individual bones that gradually grow together as the development proceeds. The best selling Adult Human Skull is a natural cast of a human skull and makes the complex anatomical structure of the skull easy to understand, since it can be disassembled into its 22 individual bones.
In this didactic version all the bones/bone pairs are colored to make dentification easier. The individual bones can be reassembled by means of inconspicuous, stable connectors attached at the slightly simplified skull sutures.

The skull consists of the following individual bones:
Parietal bone (left and right)
Occipital bone
Frontal bone
Temporal bone (left and right)
Sphenoid bone
Ethmoid bone
Vomer bone
Zygomatic bone (left and right)
Upper jaw (maxilla) with teeth (left and right)
Palatine bone (left and right)
Nasal concha (left and right)
Lacrimal bone (left and right)
Nasal bone (left and right)
Lower jaw (mandible) with teeth

High Quality Skull Model Didactic Colored 22 Part Adult Humans Skull


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