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Just as various export companies in Hong Kong are affected by price competition among their peers, direct CTP plate-making, competition from domestic peers, and uncertain business prospects, they all tend to have business transformation.

NuStar ProductionCo., which has been exporting services for many years, has created a new online output service, InternetDirectPrintingServices, which directly exports services to the rest of the world.

It is pointed out that under the impact of the export service companies' price reduction competition and direct CTP plate-making, traditional export services have no room to reduce their prices without falling operating costs, and they must cooperate with high quality value-added services to attract customers. With the popularity of the Internet and the continuous reduction of broadband service fees, the export of film on the Internet is an inevitable trend., the person in charge, Mr. Yang, Internet Direct Printing, a direct online output service, is a relatively new output concept. Customers directly print on their output devices via the Internet, since the files are printed directly on the customer's computer. To the output device, so it solves the problems faced by many traditional output service companies, such as the lack of font files, under-charts, software not supported, systems not supported, and software versions. Customers simply connect to their website and follow the instructions to install the Imageetter driver. After the driver is installed, a printer is added to the printer in your computer. When you need to output the film later, the printer will be selected. The print file will be sent to the print server of the output company. Waiting for confirmation and printing.

Online direct printing can solve many problems faced by the output companies in the past. It can also reduce manpower costs and improve output efficiency. If you often encounter the output company, the disk cannot be opened, the picture is missing, or the word is skipped. There is no word, export goods are not right and wrong, but the output company has failed to solve, online direct printing may be your only choice. However, online direct printing also faces some new problems. For example, the customer needs to bear a certain amount of output error risk, because the artificial output error is borne by the customer himself. In the past, the work performed by a skilled exporter will be performed by the customer. This new output concept can be accepted by the public and we will wait and see.

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