What functions should be required for the equipment required for the sand dust test?

In the above section, the requirements for the test equipment during the dust blowing and sand blowing tests are explained in the previous section. Next, we will mainly understand what should be included in the equipment when a dust reduction test is carried out.

1. Experience has shown that in order to evenly cover the top of the test piece, the area of ​​the sand test area is sufficiently large, preferably using a test area having a horizontal area at least twice the area of ​​the test piece. It is difficult to obtain uniform dust using a dust injection system. The height of the test area used is sufficient to ensure that the wind speed around the test piece is adjusted to be close to zero (i.e., less than 0.2 m/s). In order to meet this requirement, experience has shown that it is necessary to make the height of the test area 4 to 5 times the maximum horizontal length of the test piece.

2. Injecting dust (continuously or with a minimum airflow sufficient to diffuse the dust and produce a uniform dust deposit at a rate of 0.25 g/m2/h (6 g/m2 ± 1 g/m2/d) on the test piece. Test the test section above the test piece (not directly into the test piece), but ensure that the air flow at the test piece does not exceed 0.2 m/s. Place a collector near the test piece to check the dust density (not near the fan inlet). Do not disturb the sedimentation of the dust during the injection. It is necessary to ensure that the test piece is placed at the center of the horizontal plane, at least 150 mm away from any wall or other test piece (except when the test fan's exhaust fan requires further).

3. Since it is difficult to control the amount of dust injected, the following dust injection system works well: in a glass cylinder with a cover, a cover with a pipe, a small hole in the pipe, and a compressed air blown through the fine hole Dust. The air stream ignites the dust, which is introduced into the dust injection system through a tube. The amount of dust injected depends on the volume of compressed air per unit time, the distance between the entrance hole and the top of the dust, and the time the compressed air is blown. The amount of dust injected into the sand test chamber was roughly detected from the weight loss in the container.


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