Expressway meteorological automatic monitoring application

Expressway meteorological automatic monitoring application Expressway automatic meteorological monitoring system is specially developed for monitoring meteorological parameters of expressways. The system monitors the weather conditions of the expressway in real time, automatically collects meteorological information, automatically processes it and uploads it to the monitoring center in time for reference by the traffic control system, so as to timely propose the best monitoring case according to the weather conditions. The highway automatic weather monitoring system consists of three main parts: sensor, meteorological data acquisition system and data communication device. The meteorological data collector consists of multi-way switch, frequency measurement, V/F conversion, high-speed counter, control microcomputer, data memory, serial interface, power supply and so on. Main technical indicators Wind direction measurement range: 0~360° Measurement accuracy: ≤±5° ​​Starting wind speed: 0.4 Wind speed measurement range: 0~60m/s Measurement accuracy: ≤±(0.3+0.01V)m/s Starting wind speed:
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Highway meteorological automatic monitoring
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