Practicing sexy gluteus maximus man is more attractive

There are a lot of men who often go to the gym, but please don't forget, the hips are in a very important position in bodybuilding training, and the sexy buttocks are quite sexy in the eyes of the sisters. Let's take a look at the sexy and beautiful hip exercise method, let her fall in love with your body!



   The first trick: leaning over your knees and lifting your legs

Let your hands and knees touch the ground and let the knees bend 90 degrees. Then slowly lift your right leg, the heel is vertically protected, but the knee angle remains the same. When the thigh is lifted to the highest point and the ground is parallel, keep this action for 10 seconds, then slowly return to the original state.



   The second measure: doing a bent over the calf movement

This set of actions is also to first put both hands and knees on the ground, and tie a moderately weighted sandbag at the ankle. First, let one leg extend backwards until it is parallel to the ground, and then bend the knee to 90 degrees. The most important thing in this group of actions is to control your strength and speed. You can't force it to smash, otherwise it is easy to get hurt.



   The third measure: squat jump exercise

This campaign is mainly to increase your explosive power. Let your feet stand at the same shoulder width, then hold your arms around your chest and slowly squat down to the knee joint at 90 degrees. At this time, it is important to focus on the hips when the thighs are forced.

   The fourth measure: narrow station distance weight bearing squat movement

The distance between the feet is about 10-20 cm, then the dumbbells are held in two hands, and the weight of the dumbbells is moderate. Then squat to the thigh and stand up when it is parallel to the ground. However, when doing this set of actions, keep the upper body in a straight state.



   The fifth measure: supine one-legged hip exercise

First, suppose on the ground, then bend your right foot slightly, slowly lift your left leg and put it on your right leg. At this time, the palms of both hands should be down and placed on both sides of the body, then slowly raise the hips upwards, try to tighten your gluteal muscles until the back is straight, and then slowly return to the original status.


Colored Hair

Hair dye Repair Shampoo

This is a repairing Shampoo specifically for hair dyeing. Now there are many people who dye hair, and there are many consumer groups. It is designed based on big market data.

The choice of shampoo

  • The choice of shampoo depends on two factors: the condition of the hair (rough, damaged, oily, dry) and the hair shaping or treatment process to be carried out. The choice of the chemical composition of the shampoo depends on the desired result, especially the hair after dyeing, perming, and bleaching.

  • The shampoo containing active interfacial active factors can make the hair rough and cause knotting. If we observe the hair quality through a microscope, we may find that the hair scales are completely open, which will cause the hair to hook into each other. The roughness caused by touch can also cause this phenomenon.

  • Acid shampoo helps to keep the hair scales arranged tightly, so it is very suitable to use acid shampoo with a pH value of less than 4 after dyeing the hair. Decontaminating shampoos can decompose grease by decomposing grease factors.

  • The hair cuticles on the epidermis of the hair will expand due to dyeing, perming and bleaching. Therefore, it is necessary to use a softener-containing shampoo to close the hair scales back to the original structure of the hair and once again have the ability to prevent static electricity when combing the hair. Smooth feeling. The treatment-specific shampoo can inhibit the deterioration of hair diseases, but the use of it does not mean that certain diseases can be cured.

  • pH 2, 2.5, and 3 shampoos are recommended for alkaline hair that has been straightened or bleached. Acidic shampoo can stabilize the dyed hair, so it is recommended to use it after dyeing. It is recommended not to use acid shampoo before Perm, use shampoo for cleaning before perm.

Our shampoo is designed based on reasonable research. While it is universal, it also has its own unique characteristics.

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