The standard of express packaging recycling is difficult to establish

[ppzhan Abstract] In today's increasingly popular network, online shopping has become one of the main shopping methods. This is a good development opportunity for the packaging industry, but behind this development opportunity lurking in the environment can not be underestimated. This eliminates the need for relevant departments to establish relevant laws and regulations.

According to the data, the total number of express delivery services during the “Double 11” period reached 346 million. This is indeed a great boost to the domestic demand of the people and promote economic development, but at the same time, it has produced a large number of express packaging waste that is difficult to recycle. Carton, tape, air bag, foam pad... The handling of express packaging has become a new environmental issue of concern.

It is understood that SF Express's e-commerce brand "Shun Feng preferred" has carried out the work of recycling packaging cartons. The courier will ask the customer if they need to pack the carton during the delivery. If the courier is not needed, it will be recycled directly, but now the activity has stopped.

Quanfeng Express also planned to recycle paper envelopes. When the customer has enough ten envelopes, Quanfeng Express will recycle it and pay the customer a fee, or redeem a gift. However, the waybills on the envelopes are generally difficult to clean. Corporate customers consider privacy or company secrets, and most of them are reluctant to recycle them. The envelopes are often shredded as waste paper.

The lack of cooperation between customers is on the one hand, and enterprises face many difficulties in the process of recycling. The relevant person in charge of “Shunfeng Preferred” said in an interview with the media that one of the reasons for giving up the recycling of the carton is that the recycled product needs space and the operation is troublesome.

Chen Jianzhen, secretary-general of the Guangdong Packaging and Printing Association, said that the carton can be returned to the factory after being recycled, and the new pulp can be re-made into a carton. Express pollution mainly includes transparent tape, polyethylene courier bags, polyethylene inflatable foam, and polystyrene filler. Products with “polyethylene” as raw materials cannot be naturally degraded and cannot be safely disposed of at present. The only two treatment methods are landfill or incineration. In addition, the color of the regenerative courier bag “black in the outer gray” is unstable and is more harmful to people and the environment.

According to the investigation of the reporter, the packaging materials used by the express delivery companies are mostly polyethylene, which is light in weight and high in toughness. The material of the transparent tape commonly used in express packaging is mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC). "The degradation of this material takes decades, so if it is disposed of, it will cause irreversible damage to water, soil, etc." Chen Jianzhen said.

The reporter noticed that some express parcels have a triangular symbol on the plastic bag, which is “recyclable”. The middle number indicates the number of times that can be recycled. The English letters indicate the materials used in the plastic bag. Chen Jianzhen said: "The current industrial chain of recyclable materials is relatively sound, but it does not solve environmental problems. The classification of garbage in the public is not completely done."

As early as 2009, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Governing the Over-packaging of Goods", which promotes simplicity and advocates environmental protection for commodity packaging. Nowadays, the express delivery industry is developing rapidly. In the process of commodity circulation, the courier company is inevitably required to carry out secondary packaging, and the situation of excessive use of non-degradable packaging materials such as tape in the secondary packaging is widespread.

Although the State Post Bureau has formulated the "Guidelines for the Operation of Express Delivery Businesses", which stipulates that express package materials complying with national standards and industry standards should be used for express package packaging, taking into account safety factors, etc., but there is no over-packaging problem in express delivery packaging. Specific provisions.

Chen Jianzhen said that at present, China has not yet set relevant standards for the outer packaging tape of the express delivery industry, and there is no feasible environmentally friendly material that can replace the transparent adhesive tape. “The urgent need for express delivery companies should improve internal management and reduce the amount of mail damage.”

"To fundamentally solve the environmental pollution problem caused by over-packaging of express parcels, the key is to accelerate the development of degradable polyethylene materials and promote the market application of new materials." Chen Jianzhen believes that from the perspective of the recipient, accelerate The classification and recycling of express packaging is also inevitable.

Chen Jianzhen said that relevant departments should formulate detailed environmental standards for transport packaging for the express delivery industry as soon as possible, and clearly stipulate the quantity standards for various non-degradable materials used in packaging, and advocate mass supervision. Clear packaging specifications to reduce over-packaging and allow express packaging to join the ranks of low-carbon green.

In addition, some experts suggest that market behavior should be adjusted in a way that raises taxes and fees. By increasing the cost and price of express packaging materials, especially non-degradable materials, businesses are encouraged to make careful calculations, practical and prudent, and willing to pass coupons and points. And other means to encourage consumers to recycle express packaging.

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