QC-6H dual-channel constant current atmospheric sampler manual

Features: 1. With super load capacity, the flow rate is greater than 0.6L / min under 10000Pa negative pressure, and the maximum negative pressure can reach 20000Pa; 2. The innovative constant flow control technology is used to truly display the actual flow rate; 3. Innovative constant current control technology is used to make the instrument always run at the set flow value during the sampling time; 4. Flow adjustment adopts the method of adjusting the speed of the motor to make the flow accurate and consume less power; 5. Use lithium Battery, large capacity, long life, light weight, good continuous discharge effect; 6. Flow rate is set to 0.4-0.6L / min, dedicated to indoor environment testing GB50325 (2010 version); Technical indicators: 1. Sampling flow rate 0.4 ~ 0.6 L / min 2. Load capacity: flow rate is greater than 0.6L / min at 10000Pa 3. Flow stability ≤5% 4. Flow rate error ≤ ± 5% (within 6000Pa negative pressure) 5. Timing range 1 ~ 99min Error <0.1% .. .

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