Tensile testing machine installation protection test content introduction

For some basic tensile testing machine performance, technical specifications, features and other parameters, most users already have a preliminary awareness, but for the tensile testing machine installation protection performance test, I believe most people do not understand very well. Our company explains to you about the safety protection performance test of tensile testing machine mainly divided into three kinds of situations.
The general conditions are: stop test for upper and lower limit positions, test for pulling off and stopping the sample, and automatic shutdown for overload.
1, the upper and lower limit stop test. Mainly refers to the use of <up> or <down> button, the mobile board should automatically stop when it reaches the upper and lower limit positions. There are many major problems in this process. For example, attention should be paid at a relatively low speed. Insert the handle into the hole in the lower right side of the machine and turn the transmission mechanism so that the moving crossbar is disconnected from the limit switch and the power supply is turned off. The rear can boot. Prevent danger during use.
2, the sample pulls off and stops the test. Refers to the <speed selection> button, select any gear, clamping test do pull test; sample automatically shut down after the shutdown, this function must meet the actual test force of the sample> selected gear maximum nominal force 1 More than 3%, overload automatic shutdown test. Specifically refers to the sample test that exceeds the maximum test force. When the test force exceeds 2~10% of the maximum test force, it will stop automatically. When the test force exceeds 2~10% of the set maximum force, it will stop automatically.

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