Correct analysis of the preconditions of hydraulic baler troubleshooting

Most of the system failures do not occur suddenly. There are always signs before the occurrence of the system failure. When the warnings are developed to a certain degree, a failure occurs. Causes of failure are various and there is no fixed rule to be found. Statistics show that about 90% of the failures in the hydraulic baler system are due to poor use of management. In order to diagnose faults quickly, accurately, and conveniently, the characteristics and laws of hydraulic faults must be fully understood. This is the basis for fault diagnosis.

When a hydraulic baler breaks down, it often fails to find out the location and cause of the fault. To avoid blindness, people must logically analyze the principle of the hydraulic system or use causal analysis and other methods to eliminate them one by one, and finally find out the location of the fault. This is the logical analysis of the fault. In order to facilitate the application, the fault diagnosis expert designed the logic flow chart or other charts to make a logic judgment on the fault, which provided convenience for fault diagnosis.

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