Excessive skin care, are you shot?

Experts tell us that skin care is too good to be too good, too diligent may also lead to your break, the following problems caused by skin care too much you recruited?

Excessive skin care includes both excessive use of skin care products, especially the use of products that are not suitable for them, and the skincare procedures are too complicated and too heavy. Whether the excessive criterion is whether the skin can be tolerated, whether it causes damage and irritation.

Are you shooting in these wrong skin care methods?

1 Apply too much layer, apply cream, apply sunscreen, then apply BB cream, etc. In fact, these products are converging, and a product that achieves sun protection and color correction can be used;

2 Make a mask every day, and the mask takes a long time, often for half an hour or more, even if someone has a mask overnight.

3 Frequently use spray to replenish water, but do not use moisturizer to maintain moisture;

4 exfoliate every week or even every two days;

5 often go to the beauty salon to do exfoliating care;

6 Use cleansing oil, make-up remover, and cleansing lotion without makeup.

The core cause of skin sensitivity caused by excessive skin care is damage to the skin barrier. Excessive skin care can easily peel the stratum corneum thinner, overabsorbed, cell interstitial and sebum membrane loss, damage, so that the skin barrier becomes incomplete, weakening its protective effect. External chemical, physical, biological factors are very invasive or irritating, the skin loses water speed, water shortage, dry and rough, desquamation, easy to redden, more susceptible to UV damage, stinging when using many products, and so on.

From this point of view, excessive skin care can also lead to a series of skin problems, correct the above points.

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