Mahogany furniture "chasing up" other furniture "killing"

Yesterday was the second day of the 11th China International Home Furnishing Summer Exhibition and the Home Expo Furniture Fair. In the most popular furniture museum, the contrast between hot and cold is very obvious: due to the limited purchase of mahogany raw materials, the major businesses are calm and so on. Customers who are "chasing up" are on the door; other solid wood furniture dealers have begun to "kill" various promotional wars to make the pavilion "filled with smoke."

On June 1 this year, five kinds of redwoods were ordered, one of which is the most commonly used Laojiao Dalbergia (old mahogany). Qiu Qiulan, the general manager of “Famous Art”, said that the old mahogany raw materials have risen by 30% last month. The performance on the price is that the old mahogany furniture of major brands has increased by 10% to 30%.

In addition, the reporter found that with the rise of the furniture consumer groups after the 70s and 80s, in the high-end furniture market, the modern modern (modern decoration renderings) decoration style and furniture materials are constantly affecting the Ningbo market. At this year's home fair, the most popular material for foreign high-end furniture, the American black walnut, is more popular. At the same time, modern style furniture is more versatile, teak, nanmu, eucalyptus... even rattan is also used as the main material of furniture.

Source: Southeast Business Daily

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