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This article is divided into three parts:

Part I: Water Chapter

The second part: Insulation articles

Part III: Other articles

The first part of the fire maple brand emergency kit to give life a glimpse of sunshine (water articles)


First of all, thanks to @Yi Nuo and Greenfield for giving me the opportunity to test the Fengjian brand emergency tool box. At the same time, I also know that this is a test that is not easy to complete. Most of the tested products are mostly one type. There are 19 kinds of items in the toolbox. 19 items need to be tested. It takes time and patience. But I know that the Firefly brand emergency tool kit will give people more sunshine and can not only save but also save at the key time. Others, the testing process is also a learning process, so do your best.

Water is the source of life. People can have no food for several days, and they can't have one day without water. Therefore, they first test the water-related items.

The items tested today are: waterproof boxes, hooks on Ise No. 5, swivel rings, ig lead, floats, pe lines, water tablets, and pins.

Because of the need for water, I came to a small river to test

1) Pin test


Today, the sun was full. I used a pin and a transparent plastic bag to collect water. I found a mulberry tree on the river bed. I used a pin to fix the transparent plastic bag on the branch. It was a bit windy on the day, but because of the good fixing effect of the pin. At the end of testing other items, the plastic bag is also firmly fixed to the branches.

2) Test of Iseney No. 5 hook, No. 12 swivel, ig biting lead, float, and pe wire


I want to use these items as a simple tool for fishing. First use a swivel to link the hooks, and then use the PE wire to make a tighter buckle. Put the bite lead on the pe line to kill. Finally the floater will be retired. On the line of pe, a simple fishing tool was made. The bait was hung on the hook and the cord was tied to the branch. Fishing started, but no fish was caught, and many fish were caught.

3) Test of waterproof box


The waterproof box mainly tests its waterproof function. I put the toilet paper that is very easy to absorb in the waterproof box, close the waterproof box, press it into the river, and the waterproof box floats. At this time, the outer box of the waterproof box is covered with water. And duckweed, open the waterproof box, the toilet paper in the box is dry, the test results waterproof case never fails.

4) Testing of water purification pills


Take water from the river with a bottle. The water is a bit turbid. Follow the instructions for the water-purifying tablet: Put the water-purifying tablet in it, shake it for one minute, and let it stand for 5 minutes. Then the water is clear.

Part II: Fire Maple Brand Emergency Tool Box Gives Life More Sunshine (Insulation)

If water is the source of life, then fire is the guarantee of survival.

5) Test of scalpel


The scalpel should be used for surgical treatment of wounds, but also wild animals can be cut outdoors, but my test is to use a scalpel to cut out wood chips, ignition is the most critical thing is to have fire materials, branches and wood are not easy, I Using a scalpel to cut wood chips on the branches solved the problem of the firelighter.

6)、707 Test of Flintstone


I found the branch of hay and began scraping the flint with a scraper. Mars was splattered but the hay sticks were not there. The problem was with the igniter. Then I went to find the white fur on the plant, and Mars spattered on it. It is a sense of accomplishment to get up quickly.

7) Windproof matches


The test was a bit windy, but the wind was not too strong. After I lit the windproof match, I jerked back and forth to increase the wind force. However, the match was not extinguished until it was completely burned and the windproof effect was excellent.

8), card magnifier


A card magnifier can also collect sunlight to litter the grass and is a good material for obtaining energy.

9), wire 2 meters, cement nail


I think that steel wire and cement nails can be used for pulling. The worst can be used as a cool clothesline.

The third part: Fire Maple brand emergency tool box gives life a glimpse of sunshine (other articles)

10) Instructions, wooden pencil

The instructions can be used as paper or as fuel. Wooden pencils can be used for writing. Of course, this is the biggest use. Pencils can also be used as firewood.

11) Compass


Lost directions, such as getting lost in the desert or during navigation.

12) Whistle


We sat in the desert with six-wheel drive big trucks. The big trucks were used in the desert as a torrential bravery. We all screamed all the way to the finish line. The crickets shouted and the cripples shouted. I blew a whistle on the Yellow River, and the sound of the metal class spread far.

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