Application field of laboratory instrument polarized microscope

Polarized microscope is an essential instrument for research and identification of materials with birefringence using the polarization characteristics of light. It can be used for single polarized light observation, orthogonal polarized light observation, and cone light observation. A method of changing ordinary light to polarized light for microscopic examination to identify whether a substance is single-refractive (isotropic) or birefringent (anisotropic). Birefringence is the basic characteristic of crystals. Therefore, polarized light microscopes are widely used in minerals, chemistry and other fields. In biology, many structures are also birefringent, which requires a polarizing microscope to distinguish them. In terms of botany, such as identifying whether fibers, chromosomes, spindle filaments, starch granules, cell walls, and cytoplasm and tissue contain crystals. In plant pathology, the invasion of bacteria often causes changes in the chemical properties of the tissues, which can be identified by polarizing microscopy. In humans and zoology, polarized light microscopy is often used to identify bone skeletons, teeth, cholesterol, nerve fibers, tumor cells, striated muscles, and hair. Today I will introduce the application fields of polarized light microscope.

1. Biological field: In living organisms, different fibrin structures show obvious anisotropy, and the detailed arrangement of the molecules in these fibers can be obtained by using a polarizing microscope. Such as collagen, spun silk during cell division, etc.

2. Identification of various biological and non-biological materials: such as identification of starch properties, identification of pharmaceutical ingredients, fibers, liquid crystals, DNA crystals, etc.

3. Geological analysis: such as the analysis of minerals and crystals.

4. Medical analysis: such as stones, uric acid crystal detection, arthritis, etc.

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