Enjoy the elegant kitchen life Kohler kitchen basin new taste only 1499!

After the feast of cooking gold dishes and jade dishes, the kitchen kitchen society facing the stubborn stains and stains is inevitable, and the taste is stunned. Don't let the trivialness of clean kitchen sinks craving for food; don't let Chen Stubborn stains fade away your yearning for exquisite life. Let Kohler's anti-oil shield kitchen basin enter the field of vision and give the kitchen a new life and meaning!

Ke oil resistant shield package Milton large and small kitchen sink K-11825T-2FD-NA + K-668T-CP

Market price: 3750.00 yuan / set

Group purchase price: ï¿¥ 1499.00 yuan / set

Product details:

It is easy to clean and does not accumulate greasy; it falls quickly and should not be clogged for easy cleaning. It is the most basic attribute of an excellent kitchen sink in addition to its function. In the face of traditional kitchen basin products, everyone who has a requirement for the quality of life in the kitchen is often unable to hide the disappointment. With Kohler's latest oil-resistant shield technology, these problems are solved. With breakthrough oil resistance technology, Kohler brings a new Kohler oil resistant shield kitchen sink. The kitchen sink combines both function and design, and uses straight lines as the fashionable choice of design elements. Greatly reduce the cleaning time and the complexity of trivial, so that the elegant life of the kitchen is no longer just a dream.

Kohler's leading original oil shield technology builds a permanent protective barrier on the surface of the kitchen basin, effectively isolating the attack of oil stains. Unlike traditional ordinary stainless steel that requires professional cleaners to remove oil stains, Kohler oil-resistant kitchen sinks only need to be easily wiped with a soft cloth to remove stubborn oil stains in the kitchen basin, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria. After undergoing a series of devil-like and rigorous tests such as oil resistance, Kohler oil-resistant shield kitchen bowls are presented to people, which is another classic that combines scientific and technological achievements in life.

At the same time, the product uses Kohler's innovative speed vortex-double-deck with cover. The accessory consists of a cover with a magnet inside for easy positioning, a first-layer filter, a second-layer filter, a 50mm super-large-diameter drop hole (the traditional drop hole diameter is generally 40mm), and an antibacterial material elbow. The most unique thing is that the four parts can be freely combined in four ways. Compared with the traditional falling water accessories, it not only has more outstanding functional effects, but also highlights Kohler's unremitting pursuit of detail. The product won the 2010 China IF Award, once again highlighting Kohler's extraordinary strength in product design and research and development.

The 304 special stainless steel plate is used in a real sense, which is solid and durable; the bottom coating is both blocking condensate and mildew, and the noise-proof pad can reduce noise; the layer of protective and leak-proof blocking water removal system. Compared with the traditional falling water accessories, it not only has more outstanding functional effects, but also highlights Kohler's unremitting pursuit of the ultimate details, and once again highlights Kohler's extraordinary strength in product design and research and development.

Product Highlights:

1. Kohler anti-oil shield, oil stain does not stay, easily remove stubborn stains

2. Quick swirling falling water, double-layer filtration, double guarantee

Kohler's new products are released, buy TX of Kohler kitchen sinks, and can also give away Kohler kitchen debris racks for free on the day of the event; such a preferential price is only available on the day of the event (July 24). Therefore, you who love Koehler, hurry up and seize the opportunity to start, and good opportunities should not be missed.

Kohler kitchen debris rack: K-3697T

Editor's comment: Focus, achieve classics. As the vane of global kitchen and bathroom fashion, Kohler's home concept of "elegant life" has most directly touched people's yearning and love for the quality of elegant life. No matter in which corner of the world, Kohler guarantees that consumers will always feel the global unified, Kohler five-star hotel-style life enjoyment. According to the author's experience, every time I buy Kohler, there are also a lot of netizens who are pursuing high-quality enjoyment of life. Then Kohler is definitely an option that you should not miss. Just when new products are released, friends who love Kohler, facing such preferential treatment How can the price and high-end gifts not bother you? Get started now!

July 24 Kohler 9 City linkage "oil shield" new product launch

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