4dcx holographic imaging system

1. About 4dcx holographic imaging system-better display technology can bring you a more realistic stereoscopic visual communication effect
The 4dcx holographic imaging system is a new type of media device that displays fantastic images in the form of mixed reality. This device uses the move the boundaries of light technology to communicate visually, which will change people ’s advertising and exhibition areas. Information dissemination methods.
Suppose you are standing on Times Square in New York and imagine a building with a huge glass pyramid on top, which shows a vivid Madonna hologram, then, visually, this is like a real concert.
Maybe this sounds like a future scene, in fact, 4dcx holographic imaging system has made it possible. The 4dcx holographic imaging system provides a brand-new technology to display realistic mimic 3D visual effects. You can watch this floating image in 360 degrees in all directions-this is an unprecedented new 3D visual experience!
The 4dcx holographic imaging system has unprecedentedly made it possible to fuse virtuality and reality. It opens a new world for commercials, exhibitions, and other types of media.
The imaging method of the 4dcx holographic imaging system is based on the principle of free format. In other words, this is an unlimited and frameless image format. This creativity breaks the frame mode of traditional media and uses real physics instead. The space serves as a frame to display information and images.
Second, the technical principle
The 4dcx holographic imaging system is a four-sided cone made of transparent materials. The viewer's line of sight can penetrate it from any side (perspective), and through the surface mirroring and reflection, the viewer can see from the tapered space and use the video editing technology to remove In the background of Computer Graphics, four video transmitters emit light signals onto a special prism in this cone, which are brought together to form a stereo image floating freely in the air.
We use the mixed reality representation of computer virtual images superimposed on physical space to create a realistic 3D visual effect, just like a real object. In the future, using this technology, the physical space itself will create
3D depth.
3. Technical advantages and commercial benefits • The 4dcx holographic imaging system has broken through the technical bottleneck of paper media and TV media that can only release information in the form of two-dimensional visual presentation. Now, we can communicate information content in three-dimensional dynamic form;
· Mixed reality technology breaks through the concept of traditional media "framework". Now, we can put advertising information into the objective space where you are, bringing an unimpeded information communication experience;
· The holographic imaging technology breaks through the concept of "surface propagation" of traditional media. Now, we can spread information from front, back, left, and right in all directions. For unit media, the spread is wider;
· Provide an intuitive mixed reality visual information display to impress the target audience, 4dcx holographic imaging system can attract the attention of the information audience in the first time;
· High-tech information display methods can help you enhance the company's image;
· The new information dissemination technology makes you stand out from many peers, helping you greatly improve your market competitiveness;
The 4dcx holographic imaging system has changed people's psychology of subjective rejection of advertisements. The technology seen in science fiction movies is now used to publish your information content. Yes, the 4dcx holographic imaging system enables the target audience to actively pay attention to your products.
4. Picture display
V. Application fields
The 4dcx holographic imaging system is mainly used for information release of commercial advertisements and information transmission in exhibitions, and also for information introduction in press conferences, sports events and entertainment centers. In addition, the 4dcx holographic imaging system is also suitable for the following fields as a new media method. Information release: Auto 4S shops, shopping centers, real estate sales offices, museums, movie theaters, airports, subways, hotels, office buildings, etc.
Sixth, sales and leasing Yongda Hengxin's new media technology and equipment provide the market with two business models: sales and leasing, and provide supporting application solutions. For more information, please contact us for relevant information.
7. Solutions Yongda Hengxin ’s business philosophy is different from other equipment or technology suppliers: we strive to provide people with complete application solutions rather than just marketing hardware equipment. Our solutions include communication concept design, project planning, and engineering Comprehensive services such as implementation and logistics support.
4dcx holographic imaging system provides a brand-new means of information exchange for marketing activities. Mixed reality display technology makes the application of technology in fields such as commercial communication, marketing, computer graphic design and so on more extensive and can integrate more applications. Help merchants obtain greater business value.
· Conceive your 4dcx holographic imaging system now, we are happy to provide you with cooperation, let customers experience your unique information dissemination method, attract the attention of the target audience, and enjoy the business benefits with half the effort

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