7 popular gel products refreshing in the summer

What is the most refreshing summer? In addition to mini skirts and bikinis, non-gels are a must. I have never used these 7 popular gel products. I am really embarrassed to say that I have used gel.

Summer gel chills skin touch nerve


Legend has it that this acne treatment is very obvious, the editor bought it for a few days, the main acne on the face basically dried up, but a few sporadic teenagers are still dying. The effect of moisturizing and controlling oil makes n more mm directly take it as a mask. Before going to sleep, give a thick layer to the cheek. The next day, the skin is soft and moist, and the makeup is natural.

Lange Water Cooling Muscle Moisturizing Gel

Every time I go to the party, I have to jump on my feet and complain: People are licking the skin, and then seeing my dry skin, obviously the same year as me! I quickly recommended this gel that I used. The Song mm, which is called "Asian Beauty", is inseparable from it, and makes this super-Hahan honey more like it. She lost a sigh of praise, and it really suffocated the water, the white skin rejuvenation particles smashed into the face, and even her dark yellow face was a little bit brighter.

Lancome Moisture Soothing Softening Gel

At that time, the large capacity of it was shot without hesitation. At the beginning, he also dismissed the name of "water that can stand up". He tried it on the ground. The penetration was so strong that I didn't know that my hand was properly maintained. I really thought it was hungry to a certain extent.

Chanel moisturizing cream

The "most favored skin care products" selected by the online voting is not a mess. There is a saying that it is not a woman who is not attracted by its unique fragrance at the moment of opening the bottle. The nature of eating in the morning and evening will make you get a bottle. You don't have to pay for the silver bottle to buy it. You can paint it with a little bit of digging. The feeling of suppleness and smoothness can't help but touch it.

Dr.brandt laser bottle super laser whitening essence

At that time, I watched the most luxurious "Best Beauty Method" in the legendary history of Taiwanese host Li Jing. The whitening effect is said to be comparable to laser surgery, as well as dilute the pigmentation and improve the uneven skin tone. The tender gelatin texture inside the round small bubbles, so cute that I just got a hand can not help but yell wow. The transparent gel-like whitening essence is not as sticky as other whitening essences of the same kind. The whitening effect makes me sigh not to spend money.

L'Oreal Cleansing Ice Net Matte Gel

The specially added menthol component feels cool when it is ready to go. If you want to control the oil and have a lot of meters, this is a good choice. But the content of salicylic acid that makes the skin more sensitive may feel a little irritating.

Vichy Spa Mineral Moisturizing Matte Gel

I saw the ingredients of the African plants that it contained. I also went to google for a special purpose. It is said to be a kind of flower with strong water-locking ingredients. I think that the dryness of Africa can be more than that of water. So, Take it directly. For the family of cosmeceuticals, my 1000-year-old allergic body is also very calm. I can basically feel that the skin is very moist on the third day, but the amount of daily use must be sufficient, plus long-lasting application, or it will return to the original shape.

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