Night cats skin care tricks

Staying up late can damage your health. Because human corticosteroids and growth hormone are secreted during sleep at night. The former is secreted before dawn, which has the function of promoting the metabolism of sugar in the body and ensuring the development of muscles; the latter is produced only after falling asleep, which not only promotes the growth and development of adolescents, but also delays the aging of middle-aged and elderly people. Did you do the skin repair after staying up late?

Skin care

1, the lips are dry and peeling

The best way is to drink plenty of water. Apply a lip balm immediately after drinking to lock in moisture. If the dryness is very serious, use Vaseline to strengthen the repair. Try to dig a spoonful of Vaseline to heat and melt, add a drop or two of the essential oils of lavender, rosemary or mint, stir well, and pour into the container for shaping. You have completed a unique moisturizing soothing lip cream! Or put on a lip balm before going to bed at night, and then apply a plastic wrap to protect your lips.

When peeling off the lips, don't itch it off. Use a hot compress to soften the lips. Then use a small pair of scissors to cut off the peeled skin. Then use the special exfoliating cream for the lips to remove the old dead skin. Apply a thick moisturizing lip balm to the hot towel for about ten minutes. The sexy lips will die and resurrect!

Skin care

2, both eyes edema

Fill the plastic bag with water and a few pieces of ice, wrapped in a small handkerchief and applied to the eyes for a few minutes.

Apply the applied cold green tea to the eyes.

The fresh cucumber is cut into thin slices and applied to both eyes for 15 minutes. Then simply make a shiatsu massage from the end of the eye. Use the ring finger to gently press around the eyes for seven to eight times. The effect will be better.

Drinking a cup of coffee can promote the discharge of water in the body, and indirectly help to eliminate facial swelling. This is a common technique used by many models. Although it is not healthy, it can be tried in a critical moment.

Skin care

3, dry skin, lock water is worse

Late sleep, staying up late and excessive fatigue make the skin lock water worse and dry. Therefore, after cleansing, apply a beauty liquid with good moisturizing effect and easy absorption. It is best to use a cotton pad to cover the skin with a cotton pad until the cotton pad is transparent. You can see the finger through the skin, and then gently press the skin with the force to make the skin slightly sink from the center of the face.

For the easy to dry, easy to sink around the eyes and around the mouth need to be carefully applied; easy to dry cheeks should be fully applied, and finally use the entire palm, gently press the residual lotion on the skin, so that it fully penetrates into the skin.

Skin care

4, dry cheeks

Applying a moisturizing mask is the most effective first-aid method, and now the mask can increase the moisture of the skin in a short time, and it can be changed while changing clothes without delaying the working time. You can also take two pieces of cotton pad, apply more moisturizing lotion than usual, apply it directly on dry cheeks, then apply skin care products, massage to help blood circulation, and restore skin elasticity and water retention. If the skin feels rough and dull, it is also a good choice to give the skin a keratin in a short time, which can remove the dull dead skin layer and reveal the healthy luster of the new stratum corneum.

In addition, many brands have also launched skin care products for the night owl family. They all contain high concentrations of skin rejuvenating ingredients, which can improve skin quality and eliminate fatigue in a short time.

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