Teach you to create flawless nude makeup

The more beautiful and natural the makeup is, the more demanding makeup skills are. A lot of women who love beauty are holding a wait-and-see attitude. Here are some tips for you to create perfect nude makeup .

Before making nude makeup, you must remember to do a good job of skin radiance and oil control. The visual effect brought by nude makeup is to emphasize the delicateness of the skin. At the same time, the foundation is required to be very thin and thin, so the maintenance work before makeup must be Do it enough.

1. Apply long-lasting makeup to the face to make it more versatile for the subsequent makeup, and let the skin have moisturizing, brightening, oil control and other makeup effects.

Base makeup

It is a key step in making makeup. The beauty of nude makeup is that the makeup is flawless and looks like the skin of newborn skin. The blush must also be blushing. Pay attention to red and natural colors.

2, first blush, will make the base makeup look more transparent, pay attention to the blushing with the fingertips gently pressed to the sacral smile muscle.

Nude makeup

3, the liquid foundation begins to cover under the eyes (black circles or bags under the eyes), and slowly transitions with the blush cream completely, until the entire face is finished with a thin layer of makeup. The initial makeup is mainly used to adjust the unevenness of the skin tone. Leaves skin looking more radiant According to the texture of the skin, the bottom of the base is slowly smudged from the inside, and the sides of the nose can be painted thicker and thinner around the eyes.

4. Cover the area with concealer (black circles, spots, acne marks) to make the skin look clearer. Use a puff to take loose powder and gently press it on the entire face to achieve a preliminary makeup effect. It is recommended to use a loose powder with pearlescent light to make the face look more translucent. It is recommended that the powder puff be clean when it is loose, otherwise it will break the makeup.

The makeup effect of the nude makeup should not be too thick, just deepen the eye lines and emphasize the three-dimensional sense. The eye shadow can use the earth color to strengthen the deep sense of the eye socket.

5, use the eyeliner to deepen the contour of the eye, the eyeliner can pull the length of a grain of rice.

6. Use the white high-gloss eyeshadow to brighten the entire eye socket and brow bone, and then apply a little earthy eye shadow on the eye socket. You don't need too much color to modify the eye. The nude makeup emphasizes the clarity of the entire eye contour.

7. First use the eyebrow powder to remove the eyebrow lines, and then dye the eyebrows to make the eyebrows more three-dimensional and smoother.

8. Use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes, then use the mascara to brush the eyelashes one by one, so that the eyelashes show the natural length and concentration. Don't over-stretch the eyelashes, otherwise the eyes will look very unnatural. .

Lip face

The final step in nude makeup is to polish the lips, make the look look healthier, and use the silhouette on the cheeks to modify the three-dimensional face.

9. Choose a nude lip gloss with moisturizing effect to match the color of the entire makeup and make the lips look full. Finally, use a large brush to make a side shadow on the cheek, make the whole face look more three-dimensional, and clean the floating powder on the face with a clean large brush.

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