The potential of mahogany furniture is huge, and there is still 30% room for price increase.

Raw materials are rising

Due to the rare raw materials and exquisite carvings, mahogany furniture has been loved by many consumers. According to industry insiders, the price of raw materials for mahogany furniture is rising rapidly. Since the beginning of this year, as the "noble" in mahogany furniture, the price of raw materials for rosewood has increased by more than 50%, the price of large materials has reached millions of yuan per ton, and the price of raw materials of red rosewood has increased by 30%-40. %. At the same time, the labor costs for making mahogany furniture have also increased by an astonishing 40%.

For the price increase of mahogany raw materials, Li Tianhang, general manager of Huanbei District of Lianhonghong Furniture Co., Ltd., was also very surprised. He told reporters: "The current price is lower than the highest level in 2007, but the price has been rising. The price of red sandalwood has been The price of 200,000 yuan per ton has risen to 5,600,000 yuan per ton, and it is expected to cost 780,000 yuan or even millions of yuan per ton." At present, the more common red rosewood is also priced from 3 tons per ton. Ten thousand yuan rose to 60,000 yuan, and the average material reached 890,000 yuan per ton.

Despite this, the price of mahogany furniture has not seen much fluctuations. Many heads of mahogany companies said that once the pressure on raw material prices rises too much, manufacturers will consider raising prices.

The rosewood furniture has about 30% upside

However, inconsistent with the sharp rise in raw material prices, the price of finished mahogany furniture has not increased much. Li Jihang said that from the "May 1" to the present, even the price of Tianhong has undergone more than a dozen adjustments, but the overall increase has remained at around 10%.

Wu Xinjian, president of Jinfei Redwood Furniture, also said that the price of his own mahogany furniture has only increased by 5%-10%. "If the proportion of raw materials rises, the market price of mahogany furniture should rise by about 30%."

In this case, why are manufacturers hard to rise? In this regard, Li Jihang said that due to the new regulation of the property market, the popularity of the mahogany market has been affected to some extent. If the price increase is too large, many consumers may not accept it.

Wu Xinjian believes that the manufacturers do not raise prices is "do not dare to rise", he said: "After the rosewood market is slightly warmed up, many manufacturers have rushed to launch, and some even have not done mahogany furniture, the quality of raw materials used is poor, the process Rough, the price is 20%-30% cheaper than the regular manufacturers, so that regular manufacturers have to squat and not rise."

Some low-priced mahogany furniture not only disrupted the normal price system, but also caused losses to consumers. Wu Xinjian said that those consumers who don’t know much about mahogany furniture are easily replaced by low-cost furniture from small manufacturers. Fudge."

Then when the price of mahogany furniture will rise sharply, this is undoubtedly the most concerned issue for mahogany investors.

Although the current price of mahogany furniture is in a period of slowing down, on the one hand, the price of raw materials soars, and on the other hand, the labor costs skyrocket, and the price of mahogany furniture has to be adjusted to the price.

For the extent of the upward adjustment, Wei Jinpeng, general manager of Zhengyun Classical Furniture, revealed that the price of mahogany furniture during the "11" period may have a large adjustment, reaching about 20%, and many people in the industry also said that the recent achievements of mahogany furniture The pressure for price increases is getting bigger and bigger, and the current price of mahogany furniture is not running at a high level, leaving room for price increases.

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