The basic features of closed squeegee

The unique design of the closed squeegee system, which can be installed on any machine flexo unit, is the best alternative to the old style rubber roller and one-way squeegee.

The closed-type squeegee system is the main component of modern flexo presses, corrugated box printing and slotting machines, coating machines, and coating machines. It has the ability to quickly improve flexographic printing quality, provide printing speed, save ink or paint, and improve work. Environment and other advantages.

The basic features of closed-type ink scraper system:

1. Innovative chamber fluid dynamics and ink seal design, good inking effect, better ink saving

2. Air pressure or cylinder adjustment lock, automatic compensation for scraper wear, better adhesion of anilox roller and squeegee for best squeegee effect

3. Inner chamber Teflon anti-corrosion, anti-stick coating to make ink delivery and cleaning easier

4. All-around installation design can replace any old rubber roller or single scraper system.

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