Popular single product Neutrogena deep cleansing facial cleanser

Neutrogena / Neutrogena deep cleansing facial cleanser cosmetics , this facial cleanser price is close to the people, the effect is also good, the wash is relatively clean and clear, not tight, personally think that the price is very high.

Brand: Neutrogena / Neutrogena

Product Category: Cleansing

Product efficacy: deep cleaning

Suitable for all skin types: Suitable for all skin types

Product introduction: (This product has no trial use) Gently massage to produce rich foam, remove the oil that blocks pores, external pollution and old dead skin cells, purify the skin: help to restore transparency. Gives skin a soft, smooth and healthy glow, long-lasting oil control: reduces oil and helps control oil, refreshes and does not dry after washing, giving skin a refreshing feeling of not being oily for eight hours.

Netizen evaluation: Recently, I am very interested in the Dongdong of the Neutral family. I feel that her family's stuff is very good and cheap, and it is very easy to use. This deep cleansing facial cleanser can produce a rich foam with only a little bit. Easily remove facial dirt and oil, leave skin clean and refreshed, make pores smoother, skin soft and smooth, fine and transparent, more healthy and shiny.

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