Printing blank sheet problem solving

1. The distance between the paper stack and the paper suction nozzle is too large. The distance between the bottom surface and the paper stack surface when the paper suction nozzle is at the lowest position is approximately 6 to 8 mm for the thin paper and approximately 2 to 3 mm for the thick paper. When the distance between the paper suction nozzle and the paper stack surface is too large, if the vacuum degree of the air pump is not enough, empty sheets are likely to be generated.

Solution: During the printing, shorten the length of the presser foot to reduce the distance between the paper suction nozzle and the paper stack surface; 2 adjust the eccentricity above the paper suction nozzle rod to reduce the height of the paper nozzle.

2. The paper is curled downwards. As the paper is curled downwards, the airflow blown by the loose paper nozzle is not easy to enter the gap of the paper and the paper cannot be separated. At the same time, when the paper is sucked down and the paper is sucked down, the paper is rolled down, so that the nozzle leaks easily, and the paper cannot be sucked.

Solution: During printing, adjust the adjustment screw on the paper separation cylinder to change the angle of the bottom surface of the paper suction nozzle so that it is parallel to the paper surface; 2 The paper is knocked out and the paper is knocked on the front.

3. The distance between the paper-feeding nozzle and the stack of paper is too large.

Solution: Adjust the height of the paper-feeding nozzle during printing. When the paper-feeding nozzle is at the lowest position, the distance between the bottom surface and the stacking surface of the paper: SZ201 type paper feeding device is about 1.5mm; SZ206-type paper feeding device is about 5mm. The height of the delivery nozzle can be adjusted individually or as a whole. (as described above)

4, block paper brush is too low or too much into the paper pile. The application of paper block brush should be closely matched with the loose paper mouthpiece. When the air volume of the loose paper mouthpiece is normal, it can lift the paper edge and lift it up to about 5mm. This is also the distance that the block paper brush should leave the pile of paper. . When the paper is sucked by the paper suction nozzle, it will just touch the surface of the paper being blown, or it will be 2mm higher than the paper surface 1. The paper bristle brush is pressed too low, so that the paper blowing can not be lifted, thus increasing the distance from the paper suction nozzle to the paper surface, resulting in empty sheets; sometimes the paper bristle brush protrudes too much, the paper-sheet suction nozzle can Suction the paper but it will also be bounced off by the brush, resulting in empty sheets.

Solution: If the brush in the middle of printing is moderately elastic, adjust its height and the distance into the paper stack to the above data.

5, airway blockage The majority of airway blockage occurs in the suction system. Blockages come from paper dust and dust, and most of them plug into the suction nozzle duct and the control piston section. Because the piston has grease, the paper dust and dust are caught by the grease when they are sucked into the place, and they accumulate more and more. Finally, the suction air path is blocked, resulting in insufficient suction and empty sheets.

Solution: Clean the air path and control the piston during printing, and print rough paper on the machine. Clean it once a week.

6, lack of suction. Due to the accumulation of ink on the suction nozzle and the rubber ring or the wear and tear of the rubber band, the lack of suction due to the air leakage during the suction of the paper may also result in empty sheets. The delivery nozzle is particularly serious.

Solution: Strengthen inspections and do a good job of cleaning in printing. Especially if the previous color is in the field, it should be noted that the color should be printed.

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