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1, cleanser is the key to cleansing. In order to maintain the health of the skin, it is best to use a weak acid (ph=3.8~6.5) facial cleanser (or lotion) with the same skin pH value. The weak acid cleansing product is the most suitable for natural skin. It retains the original moisturizing ingredients and moisture while effectively resisting the external stimuli, leaving the skin soft, delicate and full of elasticity.

2. Start washing your face. Always wash your hands before washing your face, and after washing your face with water, wash your face with soap or soap. Do not wipe directly on your face. Use your hands to remove the soap and then apply it to your face, or apply soap to the towel and gently scrub with a towel to reduce skin irritation. Washing towels should be soft in texture, otherwise it will scratch the skin and promote skin relaxation and aging.

3. Put the palm of the hand with foam on the cheeks and start to massage in the spiral direction to the outside. With the tension of the foam, the dirt and grease are carried away from the skin surface.

4. With the continuous flow of water, completely and repeatedly wash the foam and dirt together, and then check the hairline, nose, back of the ear, the inside of the chin, etc., whether there is residual foam.

5. After washing your face, your face will not be smashed, so that the dry air will directly contact the skin, which will also make the skin tarnish.

If you wash your face, use a towel for a while, then immediately apply a skin care cosmetic such as milk, it is not easy to cause rough skin. 6. It is best to wash your face with water a few degrees higher than the hand temperature, because women generally want to make up the skin. When removing makeup, the skin is more fragile. If hot water is used to open the pores, use exfoliation. The cleaning supplies are clean, it is even worse, it is re-injury! Therefore, cleaning with a few degrees higher than the hand temperature is a way to treat the skin more favorably!

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