He Rundong talks about his skin care experience

When watching He Rundong at a close distance, the skin is actually "zero". You know, in 2010, it can be said that He Rundong, the movie and TV drama department is very hot. Frequent exposure in front of the lens, but the skin still maintains a good look. What is even more amazing is that according to the introduction of Mr. Fan Wei, the chairman and general manager of MENPLUS masculinity, the new series of He Rundong advertising blockbusters on display at the scene turned out to be shooting in the plain state! What kind of skin care killer does He Rundong have?

It turns out that there are only two secrets:

First of all, good skin must have a good lifestyle. Although the life of the artist is disordered, when he has time, He Rundong will exercise regularly to maintain the normal metabolism of the body, which is especially important for the skin. Inviting He Rundong to attend the fashion journey of MENPLUS masculinity in Chengdu's “new face new future” fashion show that the only requirement for He Rundong to appear is that the hotel must have well-trained fitness equipment to prove that this statement is true.

Second, with good skin care products. He Rundong has very demanding brands for endorsements. Before choosing MENPLUS , you must try it beforehand. It took two months to continue the MENPLUS masculinity anti-wearing and revitalizing series. Not sticky, very refreshing, moisturizing effect. And the "one-hand" control package makes the whole skin care process simple and convenient, and fully fits the men's living habits.

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