An ingenious softener liquid detergent bottle

The HDPE softener laundry liquid bottle is provided by Graham International Packaging Corporation. According to Marty Vanderstelt, brand manager of Procter & Gamble, the brand's best-selling scent is its unique April Fresh, so the product will also use this brand-name flavor, and the specially designed inner film label also To add a lot of color to the packaging softener laundry liquid bottle. In celebrating the 50th anniversary of Downy’s establishment, Procter & Gamble launched a limited edition packaged softener and promised to donate 5 cents for every softener laundry liquid bottle sold. This money was used to provide cotton to hospitalized children. Be.

Procter & Gamble Company has considered several different packaging solutions, including only affixing a simple sticker on the Downy softener laundry detergent bottle, but finally chose to redesign the label of the softener laundry detergent bottle.
"But we want to create a different kind of packaging. The designed solution can not only extend the product's shelf life, but also make it easy to identify," said Lauren Hurwitz, senior design manager at Procter & Gamble.
Procter & Gamble Co., Ltd. designed a tag with Dolan Design, and if it is fully utilized, it will feel like a quilt. The main purpose of this design is to arouse the consumer's feelings of caring for children. Multi-Color finally decided to use Procter & Gamble and Dolan's designs to produce the inner film label of the product.

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