Mengniu milk packaging first green industry chain initiative

After drinking milk, milk boxes will be thrown away? It is time to change this habit. Squeezing the finished milk box into a recycling bin, more than 800 discarded milk cartons can be used as an environmentally friendly bench, and many recycled milk packs can be used to make more environmentally-friendly daily necessities. On the 8th, Mengniu Group released the first “Green Industry Chain Initiative” in China's dairy industry and launched a new packaging material that is more environmentally friendly. In the second half of this year, citizens will be able to purchase this environmentally friendly packaging product in the market.

Consumers buy a box of milk and can learn from the product packaging whether the packaging material comes from a sustainable forest, thus guiding the consumer's environmental protection concept, and developing a good sense and habit of actively recovering milk packaging. This is the change that Mengniu hopes to bring about in the “forestation” of packaging materials.

According to the person in charge of the Mengniu Group, Mengniu will use FSC forest certified new packaging material that is more environmentally friendly and will package its various products. The so-called FSC forest certification is certified through sustainable development, thus prompting suppliers to ensure that their product packaging comes from forests that can meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

It is reported that within one year, this kind of new environmental packaging package will cover 50% of Mengniu's products, and setting up special milk box recycling bins in major supermarkets has also been put on the agenda of Mengniu Ecological Action.

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