New plastic floor

A Dutch company recently introduced a new type of plastic flooring that combines the advantages of flooring, carpets and floor tiles. The floor is made of a composite material of vinylon and PVC. It has anti-corrosion, anti-static and anti-aging properties. It is lined with wool-like glass fiber, which greatly improves the strength and toughness of the floor and has a long service life. . The bottom part of the floor has an air cushion bottom layer, which has the effect of heat insulation. Stepping on it is flexible and feels good. Even better, even in cold weather, there is no sense of coldness when you step on the floor barefoot. There are many kinds of such floors, some are like wooden floors, some are like carpets, some are like floor tiles, and printed with various patterns, colorful, not easy to wear, dirty and slightly cleaned will be completely new.

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Mop Refill, chenille mop,microfiber mop refill, refill pack, mop head

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