Epson's New Standard Reel Proof Sheet Validated by FOGRA

Recently, Epson introduced standard reel proofing paper for its UltrachromeK3 ink technology ink and passed the European FOGRA print quality verification.

Epson introduced that the reel proofing paper also passed the ISO12647-2:2004 standard certification. The new paper is supported by RIP dealers and will be widely used by Epson large format printers without any manual operation. Paper sizes from A3+ to 44' are semi-gloss paper finishes and weighs 205gsm.

According to reports, the paper is suitable for offset printing and contract proofing. FOGRA has verified that this new Epson roll proofing paper is fully compliant with the requirements of its offset printing line. In addition, the proofing paper passed the verification of gravure printing equipment. At the same time, the standard proofing paper has features such as quick drying.

None Adhesive Whiteboard

None adhesive whiteboard  is made of premium PET and steel sheeting without demagnetized, anti-rust. It has excellent magnetic receptive ability. None adhesive whiteboard can be exchanged and / or replaced when applied to a wall that has a layer of magnetic material,like our Adhesive-Back Magnet Mat.

magnetic-sheetingmagnet mat

magnet patWhiteboard installationlarge whiteboard

None Adhesive Whiteboard

Non Magnetic Whiteboard,None Adhesive Whiteboard,Decorative Whiteboard,Wall Mounted Whiteboard

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