Cutter automatic conveyor


The automatic conveying device of the paper cutter consists of a front pressure paper conveying portion, a stack paper conveying portion, a paper pressing portion, a hydraulic lifting portion, a whole paper portion, and a delivery portion. The front platen conveyance section is disposed at the front of the conveying device and is followed by a stacking paper conveying section. The platen section is disposed above the overlapped paper conveying section, and the rear paper stacking section is respectively connected with the entire paper receiving section and the paper receiving section. The hydraulic lift controls the lift of the delivery section. The automatic conveying device of the paper cutter adopts an automatic conveying mechanism control device, which has small labor intensity, high production efficiency, accurate size positioning, neatly arranged paper surfaces, and low noise in the paper conveying process.

Source: China Packaging News

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Brass Cymbals

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