Small automatic packaging machine bag expansion and evacuation sealing device

The expansion expanding and evacuating sealing device for a small-sized automatic packaging machine package includes a front movable valve block body controlled by a driven cylinder installed on a frame, and a rear valve block body coordinated with the front valve block body and used together with the cylinder. Small air compressors, vacuum pumps for evacuation and solenoid valves for expansion and evacuation control. Wherein, front and rear valve block bodies are provided with air inlet and outlet air holes that can form three-way air passages, and at the bottom of the front movable valve block body, a heat sealing assembly for packaging bags with hot wires is installed. The expansion and evacuation sealing device of the packaging bag can be used for the automatic expansion of the packaging bag on the small packaging machine, automatic vacuum packaging and automatic sealing after the material enters the bag, stable operation, small volume and high automation degree.

Source: China Packaging News

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