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Last year at Drupa 2004, HumanEyes launched a special effect raster effect software that helps users to easily create commercial printing (DI or traditional printing) or electronic display. Although this software is capable of creating superbly flexible effects, transformations, and zooming effects, it is best known for its 3-D stereoscopic effects. HumanEyes's patented product, the -3-D software, can be used for various types of advertising media, from 3-D-enabled electronic display boards to traditional printing, packaging, interior lighting signage, and oversized trademark labels. In addition, HumanEyes also offers lithographic offset printing software for lithographic, inkjet and lithographic UV equipment. The company will soon introduce new solutions for narrow-format DI presses from Heidelberg, KPG and Ryobi. This software starts at a price of 3500 U.S. dollars. Xpedx currently sells HumanEyes software in North America.

HumanEyes Software Benefits

Easy to use: Only require a standard digital camera to create 3-D effects. Any digital video camera can use HumanEyes 3D software, users can shoot once and can repeatedly print the output of different sizes and different viewing angles. Panoramic images and stereograms can be completed at the same time.

Effect Production: The Graphic tool is used to set the depth of field. The software automatically calculates the depth of field and generates a picture of any angle of view.

Prepress: HumanEyes 3D uses a compressed Postscript output format, allegedly capable of resolving prepress and network bottlenecks. Postscript output can be seamlessly combined with Level III RIPs.

Predictability: A comprehensive proofing tool eliminates the need for repeated testing and also avoids errors, thereby reducing the time it takes for the job to go from start to proof to print.

Raster inner mystery

According to records, Victor Anderson, the founder of VariVue, created the first sub-raster image in the 1930s. By the end of the forties, VariVue had created millions of grating works including small gifts in Cracker Jack's products. In 1986, DIDIK installed VariVue's production line and gained production ownership.

How does a raster image work?

Grating technology is achieved by arranging closely the same size cylinders from one end to the other to a special film. The images are separated into small vertical strips and assembled together by computer. (Special software is used to place interlaced images under the film. Each cylindrical lens can cover approximately 2-25 image segments/bands. According to the expected result, different films and plates are matched to the corresponding lenticule width to achieve special effects. The size and type of lenticular used are also determined by the intended effect, but sometimes compromises are made due to cost issues.

In general, a standard image, 3.15 lenticulars/mm, is printed at 80 lpi. Each lenticule must be able to cover the desired image segment to achieve the desired effect. In general, the lenticule width is 0.01 inches. Raster effects include:

Flexibility can be converted from image A to image B. There are usually 12 phases. It has no visual depth effect and the transform effect appears in the foreground.

3-D This effect is mainly produced by using our eyes to view the same object from different angles. We can look at the conversion of 5-10 frames, or 3-4 layers of transformation (foreground layers, image layers, background layers, etc.).

The effect of scaling is also based on the principle of softening. The difference is that what we see is not the conversion of different objects but can observe the changes of objects from different perspectives.

2/3 Bounce Different viewing angles can see different objects: from one angle you see a skull while from another angle it is a handsome prince.

Animation/sports can see a small movement of an object. The change in perspective gives a visually dynamic effect: the opening and closing of a car's collapsible roof.

All of the above special effects can also be combined arbitrarily and in pairs, depending of course on the feasibility of the original creation, the size of the picture, and the specifications of the grating cylinder used.

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